Friday, September 19, 2008

chapter 1 (done)

historycal developement of technology :-
  • Pre Industrial society
  • Industrial society
  • post industrial society

pre industrial society - steam roadengine design by james watt

Industrial society - telephone, motor car, electronic computer.

Post industrial society - intelectual, information is encoded in comprehensive technological

Growth of Technology :-

application of scientific knowledge for practical application in the product, commercialization and distribution of good services

Development in engineering Technology :-

  • engineering material ( concrete, steel, plastic, etc)
  • power ( stem to turbine, nuclear, etc )
  • transportation ( railway, road, etc )
  • computer ( fax, email, etc)


  • posessing or promoting new industries created by production, distribution and use knowledge and information
  • characterized in continuous learning and new knowledge application
  • operate by principle, investment in knowledge provide increasing in return


  • Failure - engineer is seen as the main contributing factor for the failure
  • Eng - play a very important role in a multi disciplinary project team
  • Eng - responsible fo ensuring that the building will stand for as long as its design life.


1. safety and healt of the public

  • to identify all safety and health risks

2. country developement

  • contributed very significantly to a country's developement

3. longer life of population

4. comfirtable life of public

5. good comunication

  • these were input and built from electrical and electronic engineering

6. Transportation

  • good transportation such will open for new business opportunity

why underdevelopment country need A.T??

  • low gross national capital
  • high birth rate
  • high unemployment
  • inequality income
  • low rate of capital formation
  • poor infrastructure
  • poor services

briefly the definition of Appropriate Technology (A.T)

  • intergrated or systems approach to developement and is concern with the satisfaction of human basic needs. to encourage a community to develop by making use of local resources of skill, finance and material.

what a.t tries to do??

  • improve the quality of live of people
  • maximize the use of renewable resources
  • to create work place where the people now live

A.T to satisfy the following :-

  • use local skill
  • use local material
  • use local financial resources
  • be compatible with local culture and practice
  • satisfy local wishes adn needs

criteria for deciding if tech is appriotiate or not

  • reasonable cost
  • influance on the local culture
  • promote a healty lifestyle for individual

responsible of civil engineer to Appropriate Technology

  • the end of product will be good quality
  • within schedule time
  • least cost
  • minimum risks

Scope A.T

  • Food, argiculture and argicultural engineering
  • water and health
  • energy
  • medical, building, roads and other services
  • small industry
  • education, training, and developement

Conclusion :-

  • Relevant to the development of the local community
  • financial, culture, religious, social and environment
  • improved the way of living
  • economic

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